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Rollover the thumbnails to see the full size pictures. Don't be fooled, there is so much more to the sights than these pictures can portray.


If your intent is to relax, then this is
the place for you to enjoy:

• Roaring fires in the fireplace in the cooler months, while sipping hot apple cider and snuggling with the ones you love, or roasting marshmallows under the thousands of stars on a warm summer night.

• Enjoying a nap under the oak trees in the couple sized hammock.

• Snuggling up in a homemade quilt with a book in a delighfully
decorated cabin.

• Taking a soothing shower in either the warmth of the day or by the moonlight in the outdoor shower.

• Playing cards, dominoes, darts or bocce to your heart’s content.

• Sipping your morning coffee on the screened porch while being serenaded by some of the most beautiful birds in the country.

• Tickling your toes in the babbling creek under the old cypress trees.